Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Building Fund Raising Charity Hunt 2011

ArianSoft's Charity Hunt 2011

CLICK HEREPic 2 ArianSoft's Charity Hunt is an event organised by ArianSoft Ads & Events, in aid of Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Sri Sai which located in Taman Desawan Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
The ArianSoft's Charity Hunt is specially organised to continuously promote the awareness of the existense of less fortunate children Homes to the public and the current mission in raising fund to improve resources & facilities to serve a better living & purpose of life to the children from Pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak Sri Sai Klang.
"We have almost everything we want and if in need, we can still go back to our parents, but the less fortunate children from this Home and many other homes like this, have no parents or family to go to." Through this Charity Hunt we are planning to not only donate money but also to expose these homes to public and lets help them together.
For more detail about the Sri Sai Home Klang, please visit

A Night for Charity Hunt 2011

Pic 2 A Night for Charity Hunt is another event on the same day with Charity Hunt, which is going to be held at night.
This event is organized as the prize giving ceremony for the Charity Hunt winners and the lucky draw prizewinners.
The lucky draw tickets will be on sale from 29th August 2011 onwards.
Apart from the expenses for these events, the amount will be donated to Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Sri Sai.

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  1. Hello. My name is Thiyaga and i would like to give my extra time for the most needed orphanage in JB. At least bring some joys to those unfortunates. Anyone can help me please? Appreciate. You may drop mail to me or text me strait.