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Community Support Require for special homes. Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Sri Sai. Located at Double story corner lot No 1, Lengkok Gambus 4, Taman Desawan, 41200 Klang, Selangor.
Thanking current future supporter and donator in any form. This home taking care Indian/Malay/Chinese/others whom needs. I as Co-founder of Ancient Yoga Consulting & Founder of UniverseUniversity.Net provided thru my team FREE medical check up, weekly yoga for health, brain power workshop for academic excellence.
I have found this home which might urgently required study material for kids. There are volunteering teachers available to teach nursery kids, school students and to teach computer subjects. They are seeking books, accessories and study material for the following groups:
5 Kids (Age between 2 to 6)
13 Primary school students (Age 7 – 12)
9 Secondary school students (Age 13 – 17)
Material such as revision book, workbooks, pens, art papers, table, chair, book rack to create library, recyclable used computer, printer to create ICT lab.
Other people being care by home including
5 Adults
5 Veterans
3 OKUs
1 Veteran critical patient (please call for sickness details)
Other people have been care in this home including 1 year old baby up to 96 and 106 year old grandma’s. Beside left over kids & adults, sickness people, OKU kids, adults also taken care.
Manage by The Coordinator Madam Rameswary Rahvee.
Contact Tel 03-33248707
Mobile 016-3035202
Posted by Elan 0129228619 / 0196199100 / elan@universeuniversity.net / selfinuniversal@gmail.com